Ultimate Spiderman AppWant to play a game that feels like your favorite Marvel comic? You can here with Spider-Man Unlimited where you can join with the other heroes of Spider-Man comics and combat all of the dastardly villains. Join the enigmatic Spider-Woman and fight the Sinister 6 themselves who have ripped a hole in reality and are pulling in hundreds of versions of themselves. The Sinister 6 are destroying entire dimension! Can you stop them?


  • Fight through 25 missions per issue and face five boss battles in story mode. New events happen daily and weekly with unique rewards when you play in Event Mode. You can also try your skill on the leaderboards in Ultimate Mode.
  • Wall crawling, web slinging, and high flying web swinging action are ready for you in this new web runner arcade style game. See New York City in over five environments.
  • Endless fighting and dimensional gameplay. Super villains galore as you run, shoot, and skydive!
  • Enter the Marvel Universe and the endless fun to be had there. Interact with Spider-Man characters that span a full 50 years of comics.
  • Game is written by experienced Spider-Man writers to keep the flavor of the comic alive in the gameplay. Expect a faithful version of Spidey!
  • Use an army of Spider-Men to stop the Sinister Six from destroying our home dimension as they have so many others. Can the Spider-Men win out? You decide.
  • User Iron Spider, Cosmic Spider-Man, Bag-Man, the Scarlet Spider, and more
  • Create unique Spider-Men that exist only in your game
  • New Spider-Men and abilities released regularly

    Lag is still an issue coupled with software glitches that make certain timed aspects of the game difficult. Anytime you need to activate an ability the lag can cause the game to hang just long enough to screw it up. The glitches include not being able to get out of the Newsroom, being unable to claim event prizes, achievements not being shown.