Game of War Fire WhateverSo you say you want to build an empire eh? Join the other crazy warmongers in Game of War online and learn how to kick ass fast! There are millions of other players out there ready to fight you right now for the fate of the empires across the globe. You can download this game for free and get started now!

Fast action meets strategy on the battlefield in this awesome new game. Create alliances with other players, build empires, and train your army to dominate the world! Make your alliance the most powerful in the entire kingdom with the right battle strategy and politics.


  • Equip and train your heroes to brutal levels
  • Chat in real time with millions of other players in over 30 different languages
  • Make your alliance the strongest in the kingdom through strength of arms and guile
  • Become the emperor of the kingdom!
  • Customize you empire to your whims
  • Lead your powerful army into battle
  • Give out titles and ranks to your subjects
  • Create your own legendary weapons
  • Play for free


Although the game claims to be a strategy game many players feel that it is to linear with a lot of button mashing. The weapon research system is needlessly labyrinthine and confusing requiring the player to make 3 crap things to make a single good item. The game can become a money pit if you want to be competitive.

Pack prices can be a bit high in price and the higher level you get the more they cost. Couple this with the fact that many kingdoms are filled with inactive accounts and you run into some serious issues in late game play.