Clash of Clans

This game is fast and furious, which is a surprise given that at the start you must build from nothing. There are some issues with previous updates to the game. The air mines are no longer set off by healers and this decreases the value of the previously important mines. This is strange as healers are flying enemies which are what air mines specialize in. Weird. More


Magic Piano by Smule

When you have your song ready to go you can broadcast your work using the Magic Piano App itself! You can also spice up the work of others. More




Game of War - Fire Age

Pack prices can be a bit high in price and the higher level you get the more they cost. Couple this with the fact that many kingdoms are filled with inactive accounts and you run into some serious issues in late game play. More



Spider-Man Unlimited

Join the enigmatic Spider-Woman and fight the Sinister 6 themselves who have ripped a hole in reality and are pulling in hundreds of versions of themselves. The Sinister 6 are destroying entire dimension! Can you stop them? More




Great new Bible AppReveal trustworthy discussions with regards to Scripture with a community of men and women you recognize in addition to believe in. Study in conjunction with them as you discover what exactly they’re getting. More