Wizards, barbarians and out of control armies are what Clash of Clans is all about and you are in the middle of it. Create a crazed barbarian army and lead them all into a bloody mess with millions of other players trying to create a bigger mess! When you find some crazy people you get along with form a clan, or join an existing clan, and team up against the rest of the crazies you don’t like. Start from nothing and become a conqueror!

Although this game is a free download, there are micro transactions that allow players to purchase in-game items for real world money. Although there are in-game warning before you do something like this here as a pre-warning. You can burn through a lot of cash doing this because the game is actually fun so be careful. It is wise to set up a password protection set for in-game purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store. You must be 13 years of age or older to play Clash of Clans.

This game is fast and furious, which is a surprise given that at the start you must build from nothing. There are some issues with previous updates to the game. The air mines are no longer set off by healers and this decreases the value of the previously important mines. This is strange as healers are flying enemies which are what air mines specialize in. Weird.


  • Join up with others and create a powerful Clan
  • Defend your barbarian village with Walls, Bombs, Traps, Mortars, Towers, and more
  • Defend the realm as you fight The Goblin King!
  • Engage in PVP against players across the world
  • Fight Clan Wars against other armies
  • Create the perfect army from any combination of spells, heroes and troops
  • Turn your village in to a powerful fort
  • Build and upgrade your own unique units
  • Add Wizards, Dragon, Hog Riders, and Archers to your army horde