Clash of Clans Brings the Barbarians!

Although this game is a free download, there are micro transactions that allow players to purchase in-game items for real world money. Although there are in-game warning before you do something like this here as a pre-warning. You can burn through a lot of cash doing this because the game is actually fun so be careful.

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This app won’t teach you to play the piano, but it is a blast to play in the tradition of Guitar Hero, Rockstar, and more. Although the gameplay may be recognizable it certainly isn’t derivative of the other games and you have to download it and play it to see. Now latency found using satellite internet can be reduced server side.

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Fast action meets strategy on the battlefield in this awesome new game. Cheap laptops can rejoice as this game is built for speed. Create alliances with other players, build empires, and train your army to dominate the world! Make your alliance the most powerful in the entire kingdom with the right battle strategy and politics
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